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Wildlife Rescue Possums

You may wonder why you are seeing a reference to wildlife rescue of possums and native animals on a site that promotes archiving of film and video to DVD.

For the past 9 years, Prue and Rob Sinclair have been voluntary wildlife rescuers of all native animals found in the Melbourne bayside area and we have a deep commitment to the rescue and care of our native wildlife in particular ringtail and brushtail possums because their environment has been diminished by human activity and development. The baby possums you see here were rescued after their mothers were hit by a car or other trauma. These possums will have 5 months of fostering and then will be sent to a bush shelter for "soft release".

We are not a PEST control service, but in some cases, we are able to remove a possum from a roof space PROVIDING there is an appropriately sized tree in which to place a possum box so the animal can be "re homed" within 50 metres of where it was first located. There is a modest charge for this service and the provision of a possum box. You can call Rob or Prue Sinclair on 0401555901 between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm.


With the increased development of our suburbs, the original quarter acre blocks are fast disappearing along with trees and native vegetation. This environment sustained our native species, in particular, the ringtail and brushtail possum. Possums would utilize hollows in tree trunks or shrubs to build their nests to provide them with safe and sustainable living conditions. With the proliferation of subdivision of average house blocks, this environment is becoming scarce, so possums opportunistically will reside in roof spaces, under eaves or in garages, where they will come into conflict with humans, often resulting in the relocation and or death of the animal.

This doesn't have to be the case if each householder was encouraged to place a possum box in an appropriate tree on their property, then the possum could be trapped by a licensed animal rescuer and relocated into the box.

The question shouldn't be how do we get rid of possums, but how do we LIVE with them?

Remember the Wildlife Act of 1975 stipulates that ANY possum captured and rehabbed MUST be released within 50 metres of where it was originally found, as these animals are territorial and would not survive out of their immediate surroundings