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Convert Vinyl and 78 RPM to CD

Convert Vinyl and 78 RPM to CD

There’s something really special about old, well-maintained vinyl records. For many of us, throwing on an old record takes us back to simpler times when Led Zeppelin were on the radio and long, boofy haircuts were in vogue.

Unfortunately, there’s a reason vinyl are considered collectable items. Because it’s been so long since vinyl records were the go-to format for audio, many records from the good old days aren’t in the best condition. While they’re very strong, they scratch very easily and the build up of dust and wear and tear of use takes its toll.

Transferring old vinyl records to CD is one way that you can ensure they are kept safe for longer. By converting to CD, you can enjoy the recording without having to risk doing damage to the original copy and also secure rarer records that can be difficult to find in another original format.

We have also the facilities to copy 78 RPM acetates to CD

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