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The clock is ticking on the ability to copy analogue tapes to digital formats. VCRs or camcorders that performed these tasks are now obsolete or nonexistent and replacement machines or spare parts are now very scarce. The tapes themselves some now over 30 years old may have deteriorated to the extent that they are now non-playable meaning your precious family memories are lost forever. Now might be a good time to consider having all your old video tapes transferred to either DVD or USB and keep your memories safe. Through this process, we are able to upscale analogue tapes to HDMI giving excellent results that allow post editing of the captured video, especially when recorded to mp4 files.

Cineclair Productions P/L. have modern facilities to transfer all formats of VHS/SVHS/VHSC to DVD-R including full chaptering menu creation. In addition to older tapes, it is important to correct for chroma instability and dropouts as these can't be corrected once the DVD is created. We also repair all video cassettes including VHS, Video 8 and Mini DV formats and bring back all the sweet memories of your family.

We've extensive facilities for copying all formats of video 8 to DVD; PAL and NTSC Video 8 cassettes can be either 30 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min in length and can be recorded as standard video 8, Hi 8 or Digital 8. We can chapter and archive up to 4 hours of video 8 onto a single DVD. So if you're living in Melbourne and looking for a professional video conversion specialist at affordable cost then call now on 03 9598 6463. Let us preserve your precious memories!

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Details: Betamax was developed by Sony in 1975 and enjoyed great popularity before the release of VHS.
There are 5 different time lengths of tape: L125 = 30 m, L250 = 60 m, L500 = 120 m, L750=180 m, L 830 = 240 m

Cineclair Productions can copy both PAL and NTSC Beta tapes to DVD



Details: We can copy all video 8, Hi 8 and Digital 8 to DVD. Video 8 tapes can be either 30, 60, 90 or 120 min in duration. We are able to compile up to 3 hours of film footage on to a DVD via our high-quality digital inetrface.

Mini DV to DVD

Details: Cineclair Productions can copy mini DV cassettes to DVD. Using our high-quality digital interface we can compile up to 2 hours and still maintain the picture quality mini DV offers.


Details: We can copy 1 7/8, 3 3/4, 7 1/2 tapes to CD

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