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Transfer Any Film Formats and Audio Formats to USB/DVD/CD/MP4/MP3

Convert Home Movies, 8mm, 9.5mm & 16mm Films to MP4 USB/DVD and Cassettes and Vinyl to MP3/CD

Cineclair Productions, located near Melbourne is a professional and friendly service that has over 40 years of experience in film conversions. We can convert 8mm, 9.5mm and 16mm film and all tape formats to USB/mp4 files, as well as transferring vinyl, reel to reel audio and cassette tapes to CD. Our services mean that you can enjoy old footage and relive old memories without having to put up with dated and difficult to operate the equipment. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best and highest quality service utilising high-resolution component outputs and the fact that we transfer just about every different film format to USB is a testament to this!

We are more than happy to offer free advice as to how best archive your old movie film or analogue tape to mp4 digital files or DVD as we understand that family history is worth preserving.

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High Definition Transfer of  STD 8mm to mp4

Details: Standard 8mm, regular 8mm or double 8mm as it sometimes called came into being in the late 1930s and was popular through to the late 1970s. Prior to being shot and developed it was known as "double 8mm" was 25 ft in length and the filmmaker would expose one side of the film take the film out of the camera (using a black bag to avoid "fogging" the film) and expose the other side of the film and then send it to Kodak to process and the film would come back to the owner as a 50 ft roll of the film running approximately 4 minutes. STD 8mm film had a horizontal resolution of approximately 1500 lines and the ratio of grain to the frame was quite large and was prone to underexposure. STD 8mm film was sold as silent stock but on occasions, some avid filmmakers would apply a magnetic sound stripe post-filming.

Cineclair Productions P/L. has extensive facilities to cater to all types of STD 8mm film, with an improved larger gate size giving you an extra 15% viewing area.

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8mm To DVD

High Definition Transfer of SUPER 8mm to mp4

Details: Super 8mm, an improvement on STD 8mm with larger frame size, but with smaller sprockets was established in the early 1960s provided better resolution and the ability to record sound on the film. Super 8mm cameras became more sophisticated lap dissolve, multiple frame rates and slow motion etc. Utilizing the Elmo GS 1200 projector with a 200-watt halogen light source, we are able to provide transfers with faithful colour and detail compared to the original film.

Cineclair Productions has the facilities to transfer all types of Super 8mm film to DVD.

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High Definition Transfer of 9.5mm to mp4

Details: Using specially modified Pathe Gems, Cineclair Productions can transfer all 9.5mm films contained on large or "baby" reels. With an Improved 100-watt halogen light source providing increased luminescence and depth of field, we achieve excellent results with all 9.5mm film. Over the past 29 years, we have transferred approx 500,00 feet of 9.5mm film some as early as 1925.

Cineclair Productions P/L, with the knowledge gained with over 32 years of experience are specialists in the transfer of 9.5mm film to DVD and other formats.

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9.5mm TO DVD

High Definition Transfer of 16mm to mp4

Details: 16mm film was established in the mid-1920s and became popular as an amateur and professional film format. It was available in 50 ft, 100 ft, and 400 ft film lengths and was significantly better in resolution compared to 8mm.
Its popularity for home movie makers waned after the 1950s with the cost of film stock making 8mm film economically more viable, but it was used widely has a documentary film format through to the late 1980s. Professional 16mm film can have either a magnetic or optical soundtrack. Cineclair Productions has extensive facilities for the transfer of all formats of 16mm film to DVD. With over 32 years experience we have a vast knowledge of the problems associated with old film (vinegar syndrome) shrunken film due to heat and can advise on the best course of the process.

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16mm TO DVD

Audio Cassettes to CD/MP3

Details: An analogue magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback also known as the Compact Cassette, audio cassette, cassette tape or just tape. It was first available in 1962, released by Philips in Europe then in 1964 in the US. As the quality got better Cassettes became popular in the 1970s.

Here at Cineclair Productions, our audio to CD/MP3 conversion specialists uses the safest techniques to convert cassette to CD focusing on the improvement of audio quality.

35mm slides TO DVD

Vinyl Records to CD/mp3

Details: It's mainly a gramophone record popularly known as Vinyl records. To be more specific, simply an analogue sound storage system in the form of a flat disk made between about 1888 and the late 1950s. The very first flat discs were made of vulcanised rubber and were between diameters of 12.5cm to 18cm.

At Cineclair Productions we have audio transfer specialists with over 37 years who can convert your special Vinyl records to CD without damaging the quality rather improving the audio quality.