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Film to Digital Conversion

Having your old home movies in a digital format is the most convenient way to store and manage them. Cineclair Productions’ affordable film to digital services in Melbourne allow you to convert even the oldest formats into a media file you can copy, edit or share directly from your computer and/or other devices.

If you have old home video on a format that isn’t exactly modern, it makes sense to convert it to USB or external drive which is both accessible and more easily stored. Over the past decade or more, the DVD format has by and large been the most user-friendly means of doing so, but nowadays even this is becoming out of date with more and more DVD players finding their way into the attic and the difficulty of sharing and copying footage in this format is forcing more people to use film to digital conversion services.

Film to digital transfer services at Cineclair Productions provide you with another option that is more convenient and user-friendly, provided you are somewhat computer-savvy! As well as converting old film formats to DVD, we can copy the footage over to a digital source/external hard-drive. From here you can copy it off to a variety of sources, share it online and ensure it is preserved forever.

With our state-of-the-art equipment and years of conversion experience, we guarantee the highest picture and sound quality on the market when transferring your film to digital. In many cases, we are able to improve the footage of film that may have been damaged over the year, restoring it to its former glory in a digital format.

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