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4 Things to Do With Your Old Video Tapes

It's fascinating how far technology has come in our lifetime. It's hard to believe that only a few years ago you’d need a camcorder carried over your shoulder to record your home movies. Nowadays, everyone is taking a high-quality video recorder in their bag or pocket wherever they go, on their phone.

In the past, we would store home movies on VHS videotapes, but nowadays people store their videos on USB or hard drives. Some people even keep their home movies online, via cloud storage because no one wants to lose precious memories.

Are the videotapes which hold your old memories causing you stress? Haven't got around to digitising your old home movies yet? The old footage of family Christmases, your kids' precious baby tapes, and even your wedding video could be unwatchable soon. You might need to get a jump on it—before it's too late!

Luckily there are more ways to share memories these days, with so many technologies at our disposal. Memories are something we like to look back on throughout our lives, and it's vital to keep them safe and easily accessible when we can! 

Let's go through the 4 best ways to do so, so you don’t need to stress about your old videotapes.

1. Sort them out!

This can be quite an effort, particularly if you've got a large collection, but it's well worth going through your stockpile of VHS tapes before you dispose of them.

You might come across old footage that never knew you had, or a film that takes you back to days past, and you don't want to be throwing away footage of the kids in their younger years without realizing it!

If you do come across something with emotional value, it's probably worth having it converted across to another film format.

2. Look at selling them

Before the 21st century, the VHS tape was the singular way to go for immediate home entertainment. At that time, people would buy VHS tapes for movies or television programs to enjoy interruption-free entertainment, without any commercial breaks or irritating advertisements.

Now, if you find a stockpile of Disney VHS tapes stored away in boxes or your parents' loft, then you’re in luck since VHS tapes are quite valuable. After all, once something is no longer in production, its price skyrockets. Disney released the Black Diamond Editions of some of its beloved animated classics, and those re-releases are worth a fortune today.

3. Convert your tapes to keep memories for your lifetime

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Unless you have moved at some point over the past 20 years, there's a good chance your family has a lot of old VHS tapes laying around the house. Many of these tapes will hold important memories. This is part of what makes recordings and older footage so valuable today – they’re unique and special.

Most families will have no shortage of video footage of their children growing up. For older generations, that video footage may already be gone or on an old format that you barely know how to use anymore.

With the influx of more recent technologies such as USB and digital film formats, people are getting rid of old VHS tapes. Here are a few converting formats to consider when storing your precious old movies securely.

- VHS/SVHS/VHSC to DVD: Since DVD players are available in computers as well as standalone players, it's easy to watch a DVD just about anywhere. There are a few ways to convert VHS tapes to DVD, but a seeking the help of a professional can make this task much easier.

- VHS to USB/Hard Drive: By transferring your VHS tapes to USB or a hard drive, you can access videos more readily. You can share wherever you want and can also utilize online cloud storage.

- BETA or BETAMAX TO DVD: Betamax was developed by Sony in 1975 and enjoyed great popularity before the release of VHS. When converting this kind of tape, you will need a professional's hand; one who can copy PAL and NTSC Beta tapes to DVD.

- VIDEO 8 to DVD: Video 8, Hi8 and Digital8 were an advanced tape that was introduced by Sony as they tried to match the capabilities of Super-VHS. Video 8 tapes can be either 30, 60, 90 or 120 min in duration. Contact a professional who is able to compile up to 3 hours of film footage onto a DVD through a high-quality digital interface.

4. Recycle and reuse

There are lots of ways to utilise old tapes, by recycling or reusing them to make something new. You can look for recycling services for videotapes along with their cases, and you can easily give away your tapes to these companies. In some areas, Videotapes are considered e-waste and can be recycled through your regular e-waste collection program.

If you don’t want to recycle them, there are many collectors out there who are ready to buy all your old videotapes. Just put them on eBay or sell them at garage sales to make some money from them. For more ideas, check out this fascinating list.

The best option of all, if you want to convert your old videotapes, is to consult with the team of professionals Cineclair Productions. They have the modern facilities to transfer all of your videotapes to digital formats.

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