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Advantages of Converting Your Old Video to DVD

One of the problems associated with upgrading your TV and video recording equipment is that almost always the older equipment becomes obsolete. With new recording systems comes new technology that often far outstrips the older devices and leaves us with tens or even hundreds of old tapes, video reels and other clutter that becomes instantly useless. But worry not as there are simple methods to transfer your old home movies and videotapes with the latest video to DVD conversion techniques.

Digital Format is in Use

Most home recording devices sold today are of a digital format. Meaning that no moving parts or tape is necessary in order to both record and access the sound and video. We have become accustomed to being able to instantly go to a particular part of a movie or a song without the hassle of fast forward or rewinding. One of the benefits of digital entertainment formats is that unless the DVD, hard drive or MP3 player is dropped, cracked or smashed, there is no degradation of the quality of the media contained on such format.

Film to digital

A Safe Storage Format

Analogue media, however, is prone to both physical damages as well as the damage imparted by time. If not stored in the right conditions, VHS videotape can degrade, shrink, warp and even rot. This is why it is necessary that if you wish to keep all of your old home movies and special moments to show future generations, you must transfer them to a digital format such as DVD.

Preserve Quality

In most cases, the video to DVD transfer process will not enhance the quality of the existing video but will preserve the quality of the video and audio that already exists. In other words, a poor quality video will be transferred onto a digital format that can only playback the poor quality. There are methods for enhancing the quality of VHS tapes, and a professional video to DVD conversion expert will be able to inspect the reels, tape and help to remove dust, dirt and grime.

Old video tapes and VCR

One of the simplest ways to transfer video to DVD is to purchase a DVD recording device. These simply replaced VHS recorders as popular home recording equipment and basically work in the same way. Choosing to transfer your old VHS videos to DVD using your old VHS player may not be the best decision. Many of the final VHS players offered much-improved quality over their initial models, with high-quality output methods such as RGB SCART, S-Video, and Stereo sound auxiliary connectors.

You will also need to look out for the right type of connecting cables to ensure you are transferring at optimal quality. This can often be done with a high-quality RGB-capable SCART plugs to get the best picture possible. Using a separate set of auxiliary cables for audio output may also help.

The help of a Professional

A professional video to DVD transfer service will be able to offer the very best quality transfer equipment at a reasonable price. So obliviously a professional service is also recommended if you have older and damaged tapes that need a clean-up and transfer. In some cases, audio can be garbled or non-distinctive.

Prefessional workstation for video transfer

A professional service may be able to isolate this audio and help to clean up any noise, hiss or crackles using a computer and re-insert the audio back into a digitally created DVD version of the original. Premium service offers further enhancement of video quality, making a professional service the ideal choice to transfer your most precious home video memories.

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