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VHS Tape Lifespan: Convert To Digital Before It’s Too Late!

How long does VHS tape last? This is a common inquiry, but the answer is not so straightforward. Surprisingly, there are no written documents containing information about the life expectancy of VHS tape, and we have no standard method to establish them. All we have are manufacture data sheets and other technical documents.

The Video Home System (VHS) tape was introduced in the early 1970s and was revolutionary in the industry because of its compactness, availability and cost efficiency.

The lifespan for a VHS tape depends on many factors. 

It has been found that the VHS tape deteriorates up to 20% over 25 years. This figure may vary with the age of the cassettes, as the most durable tapes were manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s; they were of a higher quality than those manufactured in the 1990s.

VHS Tape Life

VHS Tapes Lifespan

Here are some common factors that affect VHS tape lifespan.

  • Being stored with other magnetic appliances affects the life of VHS tape. VHS tape is composed with a magnetic powder layer on its base film, which contains all the information. Being subject to other magnetic fields from actual magnets or other electronics and appliances that contain magnetic field will impact the tape’s life.

  • Playing the tape over and over can also cause degradation. The tapes are running physically with the VCR play head every time it is playing and can cause the film base to distort. This distortion may not be evident in a short time, but in the long run, it will be noticeable.

  • The environment in which the tapes are stored can also cause tape distortion. Dust, water and extreme heat or cold will negatively affect the tape over time.

  • Most people forget that keeping their VCR working in excellent condition also helps to prevent damage to data stored on tapes. Dust, water or other magnetic substance in the play head of the media device will cause the tape life degradation.

Convert to Digital

old vhs tape to usb

Old memories - like a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or family gatherings – are always looking up fondly. It’s always better to keep your nostalgic memories safe with the help of current technology.

We are in an era where audio and video formats are developing much faster than ever before. Converting VHS to USB causes no harm to the tape – in fact, the quality of the information will be better. 

Another reason for converting to digital formats is convenient user experience. Old VHS tapes stored data in analog processes, whereas a current technology exists in a digital format.

Converting tape into a digital format will make it much easier to use, as we all to store, on your computer. From there you can share your footage to other devices.

It’s always entertaining to watch old films with family, relive the nostalgia and remember the special moments. You can keep the old memories safe by converting them into a digital format.

If you are looking to convert VHS tape to a digital format, speak to the team at Cineclair Productions.

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