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Transferring To DVD and Preserving Old Memories Forever

Our earliest childhood memories are often lost as we grow older. Our very first steps, our first words and even our first vacations and days out; we have no way of holding onto these memories but they are still recounted by our parents and family members who remember them vividly. Thankfully, many of us have old family videos that show these magical moments, but for many others, these moments have been lost over the years.

Preserving our family memories for future generations is one of the most important things a family member can do. With this modern age of technology, smartphones and HD video cameras are a common way of life for many people, with videos of parties, births and marriages available for any family member to view at the click of a button.

Convert Your Old Footage into Crisp Digital Images

Older footage, however, is often stored in an older format of videotape that is no longer available to be used or viewed with. This is where the professional services of format converters come in to save the day. No matter what the old system used to film those magic moments on is, it is often possible to preserve those moments in time into a new format to be viewed on modern equipment.

Old Footage into Crisp Digital Images

Even in the past 20 years, the VHS tape has come and gone and been replaced with DVD and Blu-Ray as a more durable, digital format of choice. There are many services available that can convert video to DVD format to allow playback on modern devices such as DVD players, PCs and laptops for the whole family to enjoy.

Not only do these old formats often hold poorer quality video, but a physical tape is more susceptible to environmental damage over time. Buckling, splitting, melting and even rotting may occur with these older formats, making a VHS to DVD transfer all the more important.

Transfer to Your Laptop and Share with Friends and Family

With modern technology, a conversion of your most memorable moments such as weddings, births and your family get-togethers can be preserved for all the family to see online. With the simple process of putting the new DVD into your laptop, you can share your video online to social media sites for all of your extended family to see and view forever.

Transfer films to your laptop

These great services also offer you the opportunity to convert more hard-to-find formats that had been used in popular camcorders over the past 30+ years. Formats such as VHS and mini DV to DVD transfers are possible, meaning whatever the older format you may have used in the past, it can now be converted into a modern format for all of your equipment to be played back on.

Preserve Visual and Audio Quality Forever

These types of format conversion tend to be relatively rapid. Whilst DVD to DVD conversion may take only a few minutes or even seconds, due to the analogue nature of the tape format, it will be converted in real time.

But this will ensure that every single second of your home movie will be preserved in crisp, digital format with no degradation of image quality or breakdown of the picture, ensuring your family memories will live long into future generations to see.

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