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Reasons to Convert Your Film to DVD Today

Welcome to the Cineclair Productions Blog! Watch this space carefully because we’ll frequently be posting information about home movies, videotape, audio cassette and vinyl, our services and just about anything that interests us. If you didn’t already know, we help folks convert their movies film into a format that is more convenient and durable. This includes everything from super 8, 9.5mm, 16mm and VHS formats straight to DVD. For our first article, we thought we’d have a look at the main reasons people choose to transfer their old films across to more modern formats. What are the advantages and why is it important to convert sooner rather than later?

Old Film Doesn’t Last Forever

You might feel as if old film sitting in the attic isn’t going anywhere fast; you know exactly where it is and you can easily grab it and throw in onto DVD when you get around on it. Unfortunately, old films weren’t designed to last forever. Dust-build up can damage them and the tape itself naturally deteriorates over time. This can compromise the picture quality or even make the film completely unwatchable, making it virtually impossible to convert to another format. Videotape, in particular, is very susceptible to mould if kept in a humid environment, causing it to stick within the case, making it unplayable. In addition, because video and audio tapes are magnetically recorded, they are also susceptible to erasure if located near large electromagnetic fields; ie speakers or large motors. One would have to suspicious of any tape over 15 years old being affected this way so it would be timely to consider having them converted to DVD from old videotapes.

Movie film that is over 30 years old (some can be over 80 years old) is susceptible to becoming brittle and also shrinkage, making projections very difficult and the possibility of permanent damage to the film. Old film is too important as an integral part of family history to be allowed to deteriorate to this level. I had a client with some early footage of the Flying Doctor, irreplaceable, but sadly beyond salvation, as it had been stored in a hot and humid environment...the worst enemy of cine film!

Convenience and Ease of Use

This is one of the main reasons people decide to convert. Most VCR’s and projectors aren’t set up for permanent use and it isn’t convenient to have to lug the old system of the cupboard in order to have a laugh at how funny you looked 20 odd years ago. It makes sense to convert because you can enjoy the same footage on your DVD player with improved sound and picture quality and because it’s more convenient you’ll probably find yourself watching those old movies more than you would have otherwise! Many clients tell me what an ordeal it was to set the projector and screen up, blackout the room and end up with a lot of movie film on the floor in numerous pieces. People are amazed that when I've transferred their film footage onto DVD that the running time isn't longer, as they remember it took longer to set everything up. The ease of being able to put a disc in the player and have instant access to treasure memories is an appealing prospect.

The rarity of the Service

Unfortunately, ours is a service that is becoming more and more specialised. We’ve been in the industry since the 1980s and with the emergence of digital audio/visual files and fewer people actually having old film types, there’s less of an imperative for people to provide these services. Old tapes and cassettes of programs and/or music can just as easily be downloaded or ordered online as they can be converted, though this obviously isn’t the case for home movies and footage. Unfortunately, it’s only going to become more difficult to have these old kinds of film converted in the future. In fact, we’re one of the few Melbourne service providers that have the ability to provide a specialised transfer of 9.5mm film!

Relive the Memories

There’s nothing more entertaining for a family than to sit down and look back at times past. Whether it’s your old man’s do, the hilarious one-liners that we made as kids or some of the bizarre clothing trends of the time, reliving the memories can provide us with a sense of nostalgia and a good old fashion belly laugh at the same time.

Speak to the professionals at Cineclair Productions today for more information about our transfer services and how we can help you enjoy the good times all over again!

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