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Protecting The Environment and Reducing Waste

Now more than ever, it is important that we think about the world around us and the impact humans have on it. With global warming, rising population and unsustainable waste management systems all taking a toll on our planet, it is essential that each of us become more aware of how our bad habits. Even if you don’t want to completely change your lifestyle, there are small changes you can make in your daily life that will help keep this planet in good shape for future generations.

Change Your Light Bulbs

Replace your traditional bulbs! Incandescent bulbs release 90% of their energy as heat, and only 10% as light, wasting both energy and money. Energy-saving bulbs have come a long way in the last couple of years and we are no longer restricted by light colour and level. With your choice of halogen, compact fluorescent or LED bulbs in different sizes and wattages, there really is no reason not to make the switch. 

Store Your Home Movies and CDs in Paper, Not Plastic

Instead of buying plastic covers for your DVDs, or jewel cases for your CDS, consider storing your media in paper sleeves. Because these cases are made of plastic, they will not biodegrade over time, so they will take up space in the landfill for generations. If these cases are incinerated, they will release poisonous chemicals including sulphur dioxide, hydrochloric acid and BPA. These covers are hard to recycle, toxic, and take up a lot of valuable space.


Instead of throwing everything in the garbage, cut down your waste by starting a compost pile or bin. About half of what we throw away every day can be easily recycled. Throw your fruit and vegetable scraps, and your garden waste in the compost instead. Compost bins are cheap and easy to use and will put nutrients right back into your soil.

Use Canvas Shopping Bags

Jute Cotton Hand Bag

Plastic bags are making their way into our streets, our oceans and subsequently, our food chain. Plastic bags do not biodegrade and will be taking up room in a landfill for hundreds of years to come. 500 billion plastic bags are used and discarded worldwide each year. This small change could have massive implications on the environment into the future, so change to fabric or string bags today.

Take Care of Your Native Wildlife

As the population grows, so does our impact on the native flora and fauna. There are many different ways to help lessen the destruction we cause to our local animals, most of which are protected against harm by state laws. Here at Cineclair we are deeply committed to wildlife rescue and foster care of orphaned baby brushtail and ringtail possums and feel that this is a wonderful way to give back. Call your local wildlife shelter, donate your time or money and help this great cause.

While we will never be able to reverse the damage we have already done to the planet, we can definitely put steps in place to preserve what we still have. It is easy to see the problem as too big and our efforts as insignificant, but with just some little changes, we can make it easier to preserve our precious planet. Earth Day is on the 22nd of this month, so let's take initiative and save Earth from pollution. Follow the above-metioned steps to start off with.

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