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How to Preserve Your Old Record and Cassette Collection Forever

We all remember the first album or single that we bought when we were younger, and listening to these songs brings back so many memories of the times we had and the influence on our lives the music had. Preserving these memories in the form they took when we first listened to them is now possible, so don’t throw away your old 45’s just yet!

Preserving these old records, vinyl and LPs can be a lot easier than you think thanks to the many different companies now offering this video and audio transferring service. These systems won’t be around forever, so why not take advantage of what they have to offer to relive your youth and hear your first records being played once again!

A Simple Conversion Process

The process involved when trying to convert vinyl to CD or convert cassette to CD is made possible with the use of a studio-quality playback and recording device that allows the playback of the original format. This may come in the form of one of the best record players ever available being hooked up to a computer to record the audio at a very high bitrate.

The same technique is done with cassettes and is similar to the conversion methods of VHS to DVD Melbourne already has experience with at Cineclair Productions. Only the highest quality components are used to ensure all of the fidelity that is contained in the original format is converted to a newer format.
In most cases, the sound recording can be converted into CD, MP3, lossless audio files such as FLAC or any other format you require. This makes for a great service that can be tailored to your specific needs.

A Simple Conversion Process

Act Fast Before It Is too Late!

When converting your VHS to DVD videos and audio, you can enjoy a lot of benefits like ensuring the prolonged lifetime of the content on them since VHS tape has a tendency to wear down and break after even a short period of time, to it is important you get your old videos and home movies converted before the damage is done and it is already too late.

When re-mastered onto a DVD your videos and home movies will last for the longevity of the disc. DVDs have no tape or moving parts, so they tend to last much, much longer than a thin layer of tape.

Damaged cassette tape

Memories That Last a Lifetime

By saving the DVD or CD onto your computer as a video or audio format, your content can theoretically last forever. Preserving your memories for future generations!

It is important to preserve all of your old vinyl and cassettes for many different reasons, not to mention the waste of the collection you have built up over the years. Finding and purchasing all of your entire record collection could run into thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars at today’s prices.

So invest in the soundtrack of your life, and relive your first dance, your 21st birthday party and even your wedding song with all of the crispness and fidelity you heard them at back in the day.

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