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How to Digitise Audio Cassettes

Like many people who have amassed a sizable music collection on record or even 8-track, enjoying your audio cassettes has become difficult in recent years. Thanks to improvements in audio fidelity with the introduction of different standards such as Digital Audio Tapes, Compact Discs and MP3 players, finding a great cassette tape system that works is getting harder than ever to find.

There are now a number of services that allow you to enjoy your music collection in a new format, so you can play your beloved songs on just about any device you want. Digitization of cassette tapes can be seen as an extension of the systems in place that converts old 8mm film into DVDs to enjoy on many different systems.

From analogue to Digital

As cassette tapes are an analogue system, converting the tapes to a digital format usually requires the addition of a specific device to perform the transfer process at a high enough quality to preserve the quality of the recording on the cassette tape. There are many different ways this can be performed by you at home, and with the help of a professional service such as those provided by Cineclair Productions.

One of the simplest ways to digitise audio cassettes is to use your computer as a recording device. You will need a cassette player with a headphone out or an audio output, a 3.5mm to 3.5mm stereo cable, a computer and recording software on your computer, such as Audacity which is a free audio tool.

Connect the audio out or headphone output of your cassette player to the microphone input or dedicated audio input of your computer. Load up the audio recording software on your computer and check that when you press play on your cassette player, that you can hear the audio coming through.

Connect Play, Record, and Success!

Cue up the cassette player to play, and use your computer software to record the music as it is being played. Once you have finished recording, turn the cassette over to record the other side. You will end up with two large files with all of the music from your cassette tape.

Export this file and save it as an MP3. You can then use Audacity or any other audio editing software to split this large file up into individual tracks and rename them accordingly.

While this method is a cheap and simple way to digitise your audio cassette tapes, in this instance MP3, with the help of professional digitization services you can pay a single price to digitise hundreds of audio cassettes without having to be there to do all of the editings and recording yourself.

Many people prefer a professional service as they generally have audio cassette players and recording devices that are better quality than the majority of consumer devices, and are on-par with broadcast-quality hardware.

Professional digitization services

This means that if you really love your music and enjoy the fidelity and aural experience that your music collection gives you, then only a professional audio cassette digitising service will be able to give you the results you need and preserve the quality of recording that your tapes currently have.

You can save a lot of time and effort by hiring a professional service to digitise your music, and you will be thankful for the quality of the recording process. Many services offer the choice of copies on audio CDs, DVDs which offer more space, as well as MP3 formats as per your requirements.

Don’t leave it too long as your cassettes may depredate in quality and you may end up missing out on the opportunity to preserve your classic albums and audio recordings.

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