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How to Convert Vinyl Records to CD

If like many people you have a large vinyl collection that would cost thousands to replace but is currently gathering dust, why not convert all of those old records to a modern medium to enjoy in the years to come? Many more people are converting their vinyl collection into a digital format, not only to preserve their record collection but also to preserve their music in pristine quality.

There are a number of ways you can convert your vinyl records to a digital format such as a CD, but one of the best ways to do it is via the simple method of hooking your record player up to your computer. Most computers these days have CD burners built into them that allow you to record files, images and even music to a blank CD for later use, or storage.

Transferring your vinyl to a digital medium

By transferring your record collection to another medium such as a CD you will be able to enjoy your record collection without the fear of the vinyl being damaged or deteriorating over time. CDs offer long-lasting storage mediums for your music collection and allow you to enjoy your vinyl records on your computer, in your car and even on the go!

Most computers of laptops offer an “audio in” 3.5mm socket that allows you to record straight from the playback device in question. You will be hooking your record player up to your computer, so to start recording you will need the following items:

•Vinyl records
•Working record player (A modern high-quality model recommended)
•A 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable (same size as a regular headphone jack)
•A computer
•Blank CDr discs that allow recording
•Recording software such as VLC, or Audacity
•Spare time

Simply hook up your record player to your computer via the headphone socket with the 3.5mm audio cable and plug the other terminal into your PC or laptop via the “microphone” input. This will allow your PC to hear the signal coming from the record player.

Check your options before you click record

Then start your recording software on your PC, such as Audacity and select the option to record from audio input on your PC or laptop. Ensure that the audio output is set to the speakers of your PC or laptop so that you can hear the recording as it is being made.

Once you are good with your setup you can press record on Audacity, and then start your vinyl playing on the record player. You will begin to hear the audio coming out of your PC or laptop speakers and can watch the audio levels on your monitor to see where the levels are to get an optimum recording.

Once the record has stopped, you can pause the recording, turn the vinyl over if necessary and then continue your recording. Depending on the length of your vinyl record, you may want to click stop and start a new recording for each track, so you end up with multiple files, each of which is the tracks to the album. If the album you are playing is a continuous play album, then you can stop, pause or record the entire album in one chunk as per your requirements.

Export to a digital audio format

When you have finished recording, you will be able to then save the audio files like MP3s, WAV files, Ogg Vorbis or even lossless FLAC files depending on your requirements. You can then take these files and create an audio CD with Audacity or Windows Media Player to enjoy the newly created CD of your vinyl recording.

If you do not have the time or the patience to record your vast collection of vinyl, why not hire a professional service that can help convert vinyl to CD for you. For a relatively small fee you can relive your greatest albums on the go with vinyl records to CD service that allows for high-quality digital transfer that retains the quality of your vinyl records and maintains them forever.

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