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4 Signs that VHS Tapes are Making a Comeback

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing, taking us back to a simpler time and bringing back positive memories. And it seems that 80’s nostalgia, in particular, is all the rage right now with certain products and cultural elements are coming back into vogue over the past 12 months. This includes everything from synth-heavy music to 80’s themed horror films and series, and of course the revival of the VHS

VHS’s fetching high prices

We’ve seen reports of VHS tapes being sold at high prices on eBay and other places online. Old Disney VHS tapes, in particular, have been selling for hundreds of dollars, particularly those that are rarer and released as a limited edition. They certainly make for a good collector’s item and an heirloom of the 80s and 90s. But the fact is that people are becoming interested in old VHS tapes that even a few years ago were decidedly less valuable.

Artists releasing VHS movies

Film and television distributors obviously aren’t producing and releasing new VHS tapes in this day and age, in fact even new DVDs are difficult to get your hands on. But late last year, Frank Ocean, one of the world’s critically acclaimed R&B artist released a visual album by the name of Endless on VHS. This move is something of an artistic statement; something that says a lot about the kind of artist Frank Ocean is and possibly his paying homage to a certain time. It also reflects the fact that the VHS format is making a revival.

VHS’s being played in cinemas

Quite remarkably, people are actually paying money to go and watch VHS tapes in theatres in various countries around the world. Theatres, cinemas, and VHS connoisseurs have organised VHS screenings that allow people to relive some of the classic films and series.

More VHS tapes being preserved 

The thing about VHS tapes is that they are very prone to damage – eventually, they’re going to become unusable and unwatchable. That’s why a lot of companies are offering transfer services to ensure that precious memories are kept.

VHS to DVD conversions are obviously the best way to conserve old tapes, although it’s true that watching old footage on DVD or as an MP4 might not convey those visual and audio imperfections that truly take us back. Still, this is the best and more convenient way to preserve VHS tapes and is certainly worth doing to make sure home movies are held onto for longer.
For more information about VHS to DVD conversion services, you can speak to the team at Cineclair Productions.

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