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4 Old School Movies You Can’t Find on DVD/Blu-Ray

With today’s newer forms of video and audio/visual technology, the VHS has all but become obsolete. In this day and age, people are relying on DVD’s, Blu-Ray disks or online streaming services such as Netflix for a great deal of their home entertainment. Some are even downloading films and TV series illegally.

But there is some content that you might struggle to find on DVD or Blu-Ray - or even if you look for a pirate version. The most obvious is, of course, your personal home movies and it can be a good idea to convert this to another format sooner rather than later. But there are some VHS releases that never made it to other formats, so if you happen to find any of the following in your VHS collection, you might just want to keep hold of it!

Rad (1986)

One of the most popular BMX-racing inspired films of all time, Rad came out on VHS and LaserDisc in 1986, but as of writing has yet to have been released on DVD or Blu-Ray. Back in the days of video rentals, Rad was one of the top ten most rented VHS tapes between 1986-1988. If you have a copy on VHS, it actually might be worth something!

Chimes at Midnight (1966)

The last great film directed by the great Orson Welles, Chimes at Midnight is a critically-acclaimed work that draws on the writings of William Shakespeare and the character John Falstaff.

While it was released in Europe on DVD and Blu-ray in 2015, it has yet to be released in the US and Australia. The reason for this is due to disputes about the ownership of the film between various parties. It has however been released twice on VHS, so there are copies around...

Song of the South (1946)

An animated, musical film released by Walt Disney Productions just after World War 2, Song of the South is infamous for the controversial way in which race is addressed, as even at this time it was considered offensive to African-American people and culture. For this reason, the film has never been released in its entirety on home video or DVD in the United States. There were, however, VHS releases in parts of Europe and Asia, and possibly even Australia although it’s very difficult to find copies still floating around.

A New Leaf (1971)

A New Leaf is one of those special movies that, for whatever reason, bombs at the box office but becomes a cult classic soon after. In fact, this film received great reviews back in the ’70s and was nominated for some Golden Globes, despite the filmmakers being under financial strain through most of the production. It is little-known and not widely available but there are VHS copies if you look hard enough.

While these aren’t exactly the most popular films of the past few decades, they are certainly worth a watch and if you do stumble across one of them keep in mind how rare - and possibly valuable - that VHS copy is. But if you want to keep these collections alive for a very long time, then converting these precious VHS to DVD’s is always a wise option.


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