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Audio Cassette to CD Conversions

transferring audio cassette to cd
The compact cassette – or tape, as it was more colloquially known – was all the rage in Australia only a couple of decades ago, essentially dominating the audio market until the CD came into the picture. It allowed the user a way to listen to audio and even record their own music or voice quickly and conveniently.

We’ve all got a stack of audio cassettes somewhere with priceless recordings on them from earlier years. Children, creative and imaginative as they are, often record their own ‘radio shows’, we’ve all purchased music in tape format and we often have our own recording of important information that we wish to preserve. The sad truth is that cassette tapes are very vulnerable; they deteriorate over time and having them sit in your attic can result in losing important recordings from those glory years in the ’80s and ’90s.

In addition, Cineclair Productions can convert micro audio cassettes to CD. These tapes were popular from the 1960s through to 1990s as a way of recording voice and messages for dictation in business and professions.
At Cineclair Productions, we are professionals when it comes to all manner of audio conversion and digitising in Melbourne. We use state of the art techniques to convert cassette to CD, paying special attention to improve audio quality, eliminate imperfections in the sound quality and separating tracks as per your requirements.

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