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Professional Video Conversion Services in Melbourne

Cineclair Productions is a specialist in film and video digital conversions located in Hampton and servicing all of Melbourne for over 40 years. If you’re looking for someone to transfer VHS to digital or old home movies into a digital format that is more usable and convenient, we are the people to talk to. We use cutting edge technology utilizing the latest high definition/16:9 widescreen technology to transfer your precious film and all tapes to USB memory stick or hard drive. We can even correct poor quality footage coming from chroma instability and under the exposed or poorly laminated film. With most movie film and videotape now redundant it is very important to get the right advice and expertise to ascertain the best way to optimise the image quality of the existing film.

Now is the time to preserve your precious films and video as the clock is nearing midnight where some formats will be out of reach for preservation and lost forever. Mp3 and Mp4 files will allow a superior archive capability compared to DVD and make backup copies and editing easy. The other important thing to note is that existing film projectors or VCRs no longer exist or are unreliable, meaning your precious memories might be lost forever. So if this is a concern for you, a call to Rob at Cineclair Productions might be very timely.

Cineclair Productions is proud to offer a personalised customer focused service and our high standards and quality audio-visual transfer equipment are why our customers keep coming back. In addition VHS to digital conversion, we deal with all film formats including 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm and Super 8. As well as video and film to DVD service we are also able to convert old records, reel to reel audio tapes and cassettes to CDs/MP3. We provide flexible hours and also offer fast turnaround and same day service, to save on travel time. If you live in Hampton, Sandringham, Brighton, Beaumaris, Bentleigh or anywhere in the Southern suburbs, we are the people to talk to.

So Call Us now on  0401 555 901 and find out how we can help you preserve those invaluable memories for generations to come

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Our Process

When you contact Cineclair Productions you will be talking to the person who will ultimately transfer your home movies, if you so desire we are happy to provide you with a sample transfer of your movies to make you more acquainted with our process and quality.

What is Aerial image?

Looking at some transfer facility web sites, there appears to be a lot of misinformation about what [Details...]

How does our process work?

As previously mentioned, our Aerial Image Telecine Multiplexer provides for high quality images [Details...]

Genealogy and historical archiving

Cineclair Productions as specialists in Telecine transfers have provided a comprehensive service for [Details...]

Evolution of home movies in Australia

Home movie making became popular in the mid 1920s with 16mm and 9.5mm being used by amateur movie makers [Details...]

High Definition Film Transfer Services

  • STD 8mm (sound/silent)
  • SUPER 8mm (sound/silent)
  • 9.5mm Pathe
  • 16mm (silent)
  • 16mm (mag sound)
  • 16mm (opt sound)

Tape Transfer Format

  • VHS
  • Compact VHS
  • S VHS
  • Video 8
  • HI 8
  • Digital 8
  • Mini DV, DVCAM
  • Betamax
  • 3/4" Umatic Hiband
  • 3/4" Umatic Lowband
  • DVCAM large format tapes
  • Betacam
  • SP Betacam
  • Digital Betacam
  • mini DVD
  • .RAM DVD

Audio Transfer Format to either CD or mp3 files

  • Audio cassettes
  • Micro audio cassettes
  • Open reel to reel audio tape
  • Vinyl records (45 & 33.3 RPM) and 78 RPM acetates.

File Conversion

  • DVD to mp4
  • CD to mp3