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Capturing Family Memories – A How-to Guide

It truly is a privilege to be able to capture family moments whenever and wherever. There is something special about reliving those years later and remembering the good times. There are various things you need to think about to make sure your memories are preserved. In this article, we’ll take a ...
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3 Potential Game Changing Film Technologies of the Future

Film technology has come obviously come a long way in the last couple of decades . We are now able to record, store and enjoy our own home movies more conveniently than ever. We are all essentially walking around with high quality video cameras wherever we go and are able to upload away videos we...
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3 Media Formats That Are Now Long Forgotten

There are hundreds of film, audio and data formats that have simply been forgotten. We live in a culture where we are constantly upgrading our technology and replacing the old with the new, without a second thought. But it can be find to look back on old technologies with fondness and remember ho...
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What to Do with Your Old VHS Tapes?

Unless you’ve moved at some point over the past 15 years, there’s a good chance your family has racked up a collection of old VHS tapes that may be laying around the house or in storage. Many of these will hold important memories; other will be completely worthless and some maybe be worth selling...
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Super 8 Film and What Made it a Classic Film Format

The super 8 film format certainly made its mark on many elements of our culture when it was released back in the 1960s. The first reliable and affordable means of making a home video, it helped create a generation of amateur filmmakers the world over and change the industry for good. Let’s take a...
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